The Landlord's Association of Greater Niagara Submits a Four Point Proposal for Social Services Reforms

Download the complete PDF version of the proposals here.

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Current Social Services policy is on a collision course with financial disaster with a potentially devastating effect on property value, public safety, quality of life resulting in the continued trend of population migration.We believe that the policies in practice today are unsustainable. We believe that thousands of people - home owners, tenants, business owners, and public officials - not only in Niagara County but in most of WNY, share our belief in the proposals you are about to read.

This mutual understanding comes from a place of fairness in the minds of responsible citizens who, like the LAGN,understand and embrace the need  to contribute to the welfare of those who, for one reason or another, are unable to fully care for their own needs. All we ask in return for our contributions that support these Social Service programs is that our tax dollars be cared for with respect, be administered efficiently, and safeguarded from abuse and fraud.

The proposals contained within represent and effort to seek improvements in current polices that will hold landlords, tenants, and the Department of Social Services accountable for their actions. It is our hope that they will taken in the spirit in which they are submitted. It is our further hope that they discussed and considered as seriously as they have been drafted.