**** Discover the Value of Membership

What sets a member of the LAGN apart from other landlords?


The LAGN is about to role out its official package of approved forms. We’ve taken the best practices of highly successful area landlords and compiled them into a comprehensive document package designed to protect you and your tenant.

Everything from month-to-month agreements to full blown leases, as well as critical addenda to help keep you in compliance with Federal, State, and local laws. Forms like “House Rules” addendum, lead based addendum, smoke and CO detector addendum, damages addendum, move in / move out form, tenant application, and the newly minted Solid Waste Refuse and Recycle addendum the LAGN is working out with the City of Niagara Falls.

We will be discussing the contents and how to use them. These forms will be available to all paid members who have agreed to conduct their business by the LAGN Code of Ethics.

But there is more to this than just paper work. Each form will bear the LAGN logo, a trademark representing professionalism and fair dealing. Tenants will come to know, look for, and count on landlords who are members of the LAGN. Members will be able to display the LAGN logo in their marketing pieces and use them in advertising spaces like Craigslist. The LAGN is a brand tenants can rely on.

**** Straight Talk from Niagara Falls DPW

Mike Mills from the Department of Public Works was kind enough to accept our invitation to help fill in the gaps of the new recycle program as well as other programs available through the department. Mike is a straight talker and will be available to answer your questions.

The new Refuse and Recycle ordinance hasn’t gone into effect yet. We can all still throw out anything we want and Modern will pick it up. What will happen when the program goes into effect? Will you be ready? This will be an opportunity to figure out how to line your ducks up in a row.

**** Network With People Who’ve Been There

As good as the internet is for disseminating information, nothing beats human interaction. Man is a social animal and these meetings are a healthy and vital part of our society. Meet successful people who are willing to talk with you about situations they’ve had to deal with. Have a problem with a tenant or any landlord related issue and there will be at one experienced landlord who will be happy to help you.

That’s all I’ve got for now. How to see you next Wednesday.

Robert Pascoal
President LAGN