DePaul Properties Fiasco – Another example of a city poorly governed

Editor's Note: The following is a commentary by Tom Lizardo, a Friend of the LAGN. The LAGN prides itself on its relationships with experienced and insightful members of the community and believes in sharing the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of those members.
The whole outcome of this DePaul Properties fiasco is just another example of a [...]

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Landlords in Niagara Falls House 21,000

Landlords House Over 21,000 Residents
2010 US Census Data Reveals Flaw in Memo – LAGN original estimate off by 21,005 residents! Landlords house 43.5%.
A force to be reckoned with. A Group to work with.
After reviewing  the 2010 US Census we can report more accurately on the constituency Niagara Falls’ landlords serve. According to the most recent [...]

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Can a Landlord be Forced to Accept Housing Vouchers

Landlord fined for discrimination says he wasn’t aware of city’s fair housing ordinance.
Should landlords ban together and file suit against this ordinance?
The Buffalo News
August 13, 2014

Pleto is one of two Buffalo landlords that the state Attorney General’s office this week said had reached settlements after acknowledging that they had, in effect, discriminated against prospective tenants [...]

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We dodged a bullet today. LITTERALLY!

Not 5 minutes after our prospective client completes her application.
Something happened to Andrea and me today only minutes after meeting with a potential client and her 7 year old son. This prospective client had all the documents that a client could possibly need to verify their eligibility. She had her certification from Leased Housing, a deposit voucher [...]

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Landlords House Every Class of Citizen

Increases in taxes and fees must be passed on to our residents or our properties will not generate enough income to pay the bills.
All we are asking is that our residents are treated like any other resident in the City of Niagara Falls.
July 11, 2014 – City Council Public Hearing

First, thank you for taking your [...]

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Everyone Should be Required to Recycle

Recycling efforts set forth a goal that will make our city proud!
Public Comments Delivered at NF Public Hearing
July 11, 2014

I think we all agree that providing Totes for residents is the right step to make our city more attractive and cut down on rodent problems that exist in many areas. Also the recycling efforts set [...]

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Refuse and Recycle Press Release

Landlord Association Works to
Revamp City Garbage Plan
Calls to move implementation for 60 days until issues can be worked out for all.
July 11, 2014
For Immediate Release
 The Landlord Association of Greater Niagara has issued a Memo to the City of Niagara Falls calling for a 60 day cooling off period so issues associated with the rollout can be [...]

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Memo To The Mayor – 60-Day Extension

Memo To The Mayor - 60-Day Extension
To Mayor Dyster
We would like to begin by thanking the Council and the Mayor’s office for the efforts in trying to make Niagara Falls cleaner and greener.  We as an association have no issue with providing totes for trash and recycling.  We believe it is a noble effort and [...]

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Memo to the Mayor – LAGN’s Position on Refuse and Recycle Ordinance

Sequence of Events Regarding LAGN's Position on the Solid Refuse and Recycle Ordinance
Memorandum to Mayor of City of Niagara Falls and Council Members City of Niagara Falls
We wanted to establish a time line to keep our representatives and the citizens of Niagara Falls informed and to make clear the position taken by the LAGN with [...]

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General Meeting – July 9th, 2014

General Meeting
Landlords' Association of Greater Niagara
- Niagara County -
Wednesday, July 9th, 8:30AM
Jetport Restaurant
7100 Porter Rd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304


The LAGN will be hosting a General Meeting this Wednesday, July 9th and all are welcome because the LAGN believes information should be shared. And share we will at the Jetport.

Modern Disposal's own Joe Hickman will be our [...]

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Rockford, Il – Free Landlord Registration AND a Working Database

City of Rockford, Il. doesn't charge its landlords anything to register. But that's not all. Registration is online. In addition to all that, [...]

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DSS Confusing Message

Open Letter to Legislator Dennis Virtuoso
Letter Dated 6/14/2014 Regarding Boilerplate Statements from DSS
June 14, 2014

Dear Dennis,

I am writing you today to get clarification on two points that are addressed in the document from DSS I have enclosed for your reference.

The first item is item 1; “Payment made by voucher is a convenience to the landlord.” [...]

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