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The Solid Waste and Recycle Ordinance went into effect on January 1, 2015. The LAGN supports the concept of containerized waste and recyclables and believes it will reduce the visuals of trash related blight. Members of the LAGN strongly support efforts to improve the quality and cleanliness of our city. It's the kind of image we endorse.

That said, there are several points of contention the LAGN has with the way the city went about the program. Lobbying efforts were made by the LAGN on behalf of landlords with mixed results. Your feed back on these pages is welcomed and encouraged. We'd like to know how you see things.

Informative Links

The following links will take you individual pages with various documents.

What Can I Recycle

"How To" Recycle Video

Refuse and Recycling Addendum   (Members Only)

Recycle - A/B Routes by Day of Week

Your trash is collected on the same day of the week as it was before. Recyclables are collected "EVERY OTHER" week. You can find your specific route by clicking the appropriate link found in the sidebar on the left. You may also download the complete route manual just below.

Downloadable 5 Day Route Schedule

Recycle Routes By Day of Week