First Time Visit?  Are You A Paid Member?

Welcome to the new website!

First, there will be a few rough spots in the site. We will  iron all this out and only ask your patience. I've have been to close to the development of this site it to see mistakes or ways that might make it easier for people to navigate. To that end I'm hoping to work with a few of you this summer to beta test the site and see where you think we might improve things.

But lets talk about YOU!

We have set up a PayPal account with our bank as one way of paying your membership dues. This required setting up a  member management system which gives people different page level and document download access.

Your Account Needs To Be Set Up By You

Because this is all relatively new any existing accounts needed to be cleared. This means you will have to set up your account. If you are paid, we will have to go into your account and manually set you to paid membership. So that means you won't be able to receive instant access until your account is reset. We'll be watching closely and do our best to get you up and running quickly. If your dues are due or would like to renew you should be able to use the site fully instantaneously via PayPal or you can select the Invoice Me option.

Set Up My Account

Three Levels Of Access

There are three levels of access at the moment.

1. Visitor

A Visitor will have the least amount of access to the site. Items that are germane to the public interest will always be available. The LAGN actively seeks good relations with homeowners and residents alike.

2. Landlord Guest

A Landlord Guest (LG) will have to register and create and account. This level of access will allow the LG to explore more of the offerings in the hopes that he or she will recognize the benefits of memberships.

3. Member

A Paid Member of the LAGN will complete access to all pages, forms, and database searches as well as access to tutorials and our growing repository of legal references by city, county, state, and fed.