The Benefits of Membership

The LAGN provides benefits that are both seen and unseen.

There are at least two different types of benefits the LAGN has to offer. There are benefits that can readily be seen or readily be used. Things like forms that are an important part of our business practice; leases, demands, disclosures, affidavits, petitions, etc. There are laws and procedures that we can read about so we can do a better job, be more of the professional this industry demands of us.

Membership BenefitsAnd then there is the type of benefit that isn't as easily seen. Things like education, situational awareness, a collective of ideas. The unseen benefit of acceptance and respect from public agencies like police, fire, city hall, Leased Housing, Social Services, block clubs, and tenants.

Some of you may have witnessed this during LAGN's campaign to make it mandatory for housing vouchers to be sent directly to landlords. For the first time in a long time the public recognized us not as slum lords but landlords and sided with our cause in big numbers.

The LAGN offers landlords the opportunity to identify themselves with a professional group to help promote their industry and to protect their interests.

You can learn more about LAGN's exclusive Delinquent Tenant Database App here, but the short story is you can prepare a Notice to Quit, on line, at no charge, while at the same time adding your delinquent tenant's information to the LAGN  database for all members to use as part of their screening process. Knowing if a prospective tenant has had an eviction is very useful to know. But imagine the power of knowing the tenant before you is in the preliminary stages of an eviction.

There are a number of forms landlords use in their everyday life. The LAGN will soon be offering a collection of the most used forms for our members. Forms reviewed by attorneys for validity. Forms like leases, smoke and fire detector addendums, lead based paint disclosure, move in/move out forms, and many others.

RentPrepThe Landlord Association of Greater Niagara has select arrangements with tenant screening service providers. Tenant screening is your front line defense against dangerous and costly rentals. For those of you who were in attendance for the tenant screening seminar you might remember RentPrep. This provided handouts, a lecture and a discount to LAGN members.