Code of Ethics

Setting the Bar for Professional Conduct

We, the members of the Landlord’s Association of Greater Niagara, recognize our ethical duties to the communities of which we are a part. Being ever mindful of the increasing role of the rental housing industry in providing homes, we have united ourselves for the purpose of improving the services and conditions of the rental housing industry. Therefore we adopt this Code of Ethics as our guide in dealing with all people and encourage all members of the rental housing industry to abide by these ethical principles.

  1. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. We comply with the LAGN Code of Equal Housing Opportunity
  3. We comply with the LAGN Resident Bill of Rights
  4. We recognize the value of written contracts and endorse their use.
  5. We commit to honesty, integrity and fair dealing in our capacity as rental housing professionals.
  6. As rental housing professionals, we act to better the communities of which we are a part.
  7. We maintain an equitable and cooperative relationship among the members of this association.
  8. We promote the conservation of natural resources and preservation of the environment.
  9. We believe in and encourage ongoing education for all participants in the rental housing industry

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